Cedar Decks and Pergolas

Here at CB&I we have fun building custom decks. Each deck is different and each house yields its own specific design. Welcome to our latest project in Greer, SC. The project allowed us to have fun with the pencil and paper. The client was having troubles with some shaded areas that was not allowing grass to grow fully. We took that problem and turned it into a very spacious entertainment area with a propane fireplace. This allowed the client to have more space to entertain and it flowed beautifully with the custom pergola section and main replaced deck area. 

The final product was something we were very proud of– a complete overhaul of their out of date, very small deck, and patchy grass areas.

To finish it off, the homeowner wanted to be able to add vines that "climbed" up the pergola and eventually grew over top of it. The details show nicely and will continue to grow more beautiful over time.